So basically we had a group meeting once a week on Monday and there we discussed what we had to do and how we were going to do it. My team members were really cooperative and helpful as well. Since all of the group members could not meet regularly we divided the topics among ourselves. after completing them we looked into them as a group so as to see if there were any changes to be made. Haley from my group really did a great job as she was the one who brought the team together for the discussions we were having.

After completing this starting phase of the project as a team i have really come to understand more about the concept of developing the game website and what tare the thing that has to considered while making it. before this i had no idea that we had to go through some important steps like Stakeholders and the model for the project. Now i have come to realize that there are some more important thing that we have to keep in mind rather that just developing a website.


DES 501 week 8 Design thinking

We had an expert on designing Craig on class today who gave us some simple yet valuable insight on “Design Thinking” in a short time. He made us do certain tasks which made the topic interesting, fun and more clear. So, from today’s lesson i know that design thinking is an approach to solving design problems by understanding the users needs and developing insights to solve those needs. The tasks were pretty simple and fun but i feel it was important for me as i was able to relate properly to the topic which was way better than just reading an article about design thinking. The main points of the tasks were to Reflect, Redesign, Re frame, Ideate, Iterate then Build and Test.


DES501 Assessment 1-2

The IT Business topic that we discussed in the class was of great help and i was able to relate that to my assessment. I compared the roles that the company has and the business structure of the company i was researching about and wrote down my conclusion accordingly in my assessment. Unfortunately i did not get a reply from the company but managed to point down the business structure of “Avatar” after going through the topic again. The company’s Managing Director is Mark Rocket, and so i looked at all the business hierarchy including a Managing Director and was finally able to select one structure closely related to the company.

DES501 Assessment 1-1

After searching for Web designing companies through various search engines I finally came upon “Avatar” located in Christchurch. At first i simply decided to go for this company as the company’s site looked simple yet attractive in a way. On further research i came to know that the company was established in the year 1998 and has has the highest number of active clients(almost) in the country. I also came to know that the company focuses more on marketing activities and believes that a site with no visitors is of little value. There are a lot of varieties you can choose from if want to create a website using Avatar and i found it very easy to do so.

I sent an e-mail to the company asking for more information like their hierarchical structure, business core and more IT roles and functions. I’m hoping they will reply soon.